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Join Us As We Consecrate Ourselves Through Fasting

Updated: Jan 15, 2023

The Heart of Christ will be fasting in order to bring in this new year and make 2023 the year of manifestation.

This fast will require a fasting attitude.

What is a fasting attitude?

  • Humility

  • A desire to be kind and do good

  • A clean heart (this means clearing any issues you have with others)

  • A willingness to accept the pain that comes with sacrifice (See II Samuel 24:24)

  • Activated faith in God!

  • Vows made in God's presence

  • Prayer (More to follow)

  • Tithes and offering

What will this fast consist of?

Heart of Christ will be fasting from Jan. 16th to Feb. 24th, 2023. We will be fasting from food from 6am to 6pm. This means no meals during this time. Moreover, beverages are also limited. What is permissable? Pure, unflavored water, tea without sugar or sugar substitutes, pure grape juice. If you require a sweetener, 100% honey is acceptable. This means no coffee or carbonated beverages.

Additionally, don't allow television or internet to be a distraction to you in this time. If you use it, use it for godly content.

No idle conversations. Allow your words to edify others and honor God during this time.

What are the types of prayers?

  • Prayers of supplication

  • Prayers of intercession

  • Prayers for healing

  • Prayers of gratitude

  • Prayers in tongues

...there are more, but these are just here as examples.

What are some benefits of fasting?

  • Hearing the voice of God

  • Gaining confidence in God's ability in your life

  • Developing a love and delight for His Word

  • Removing all fear from your life

  • Preparing you for the move of God

  • Leaving the past behind and pressing forward

  • Being a participant of God's great plan and not just a spectator

Have questions? Leave a comment or send us a message and we will respond as promptly as possible.

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